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  • 74 pages, 22 illustrations
  • Hardcover, Softcover, Ebook
  • English, Spanish
  • Free Shipment
  • Hard cover


Great Grape Adventure


    It all starts when Oliver and his friends, travel to Fruityland®, a place filled with adventure and where anything is possible. The children must discover the secret to flying their own magical hot air balloons while avoiding the dangers they encounter along the way.     Just when Oliver and his friends think they have everything under control they find themselves in an even more scary and tricky situation when they meet a notorious thief who is both clever and devious. He will do anything to steal all of Fruityland's® delicious foods. Written by a nutritionist, this fun and beautifully illustrated adventure engages your little one to begin to understand the value of nutritious foods and how they support their health.

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