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Frugivoro in Fruityland is a state- of- the-art board game that gets kids as well as adults excited about healthy foods. A clever game put together by a nutritionist and a graphic designer and artist, (mother and daughter). The game is beautifully designed, made almost entirely in the USA with fine materials, and full of facts about food. Most importantly, kids love it! Dozens of kids have played, and they come back wanting more. Not only that, but they’ve also learned something along the way and started on the path to better eating habits.


SKU: 0001
  • Contents

    1 game board (4 panels)

    35 trivia cards

    7 orange bonus cards marked with a star

    42 food hexagon tokens

    1 sand timer

    1 multicolored wooden dice

    1 red cape 

  • Free Shipment

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