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Benefits with rewarding results

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Oliver and Friends Adventures in Spanish or English, give you a shortcut at an early age that is fun, entertaining, and simple. While visiting exotic countries, flying in hot air balloons or swimming with pink dolphins in the amazons and more you and your child will have fun learning about:

- Where foods come from         - How foods affect

 - About vitamins                          your body

 - Saturated fats                          - Pasteurization

- Protein                                      - Dietary fiber

 - Antioxidants                            - Sugar

 - Gardening                                - Hygiene

- About team work                      - How to include

- And more                                     wholesome foods

                                                        in meals


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 This clever learning will grow naturally as part of your child’s life. Giving them the confidence they need to make healthy choices when it comes to eating habits. Thereby, protecting their bodies from many diseases already seen in children and enabling them to live a healthy and happy life, and passing this knowledge from one generation to the next generation.

A hilarious story that tells the true facts about beans, fiber, fats and protein from animal and plants.

Helps us to understand in the most fun and simple way about protein, how to protect
our bodies from saturated fats and how to welcome fruits and vegetables that are the good guys to
maintain our children and us healthy to enjoy life together.

                                                                 Reviews on Amazon

Natalie M. Hartman – 5 stars

As the mother of 3 children (ages 8, 7, and 6) I am always looking for an entertaining story with a positive message. This book has great nutritional information… My youngest keeps bringing it to me to read to everyone…We love it and highly recommend it!

Mgab – 5 stars

A Fun and Encouraging read for children (and parents too) Read more…

Alisha M. Risen-Kent – 5 stars

Great story with amazing artwork. Read more…

NJG – 5 stars

I bought this book for my nephews and nieces, and I have to say it was a great gift.

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Benefits of playing Frugivoro in Fruityland board game

There is nothing better to educate children than using real images, especially when it comes to wholesome foods. This state- of- the- art- board game does that and more.


When we tested the prototype in schools, homes, and libraries the results were outstanding and promising. We observed the following in children and adults. Followed by some of the children’s reviews:

-It awakens children’s appetite for the foods on the board like; grapes, carrots, spinach, almond milk, and more.

-It kept the group engaged and active.

-Children wanted to keep playing more and more.

-The desire to get a high score and find the right answer, kept the players excited.

-When children played the game, they helped each other vs adults who didn’t; 20 years old and older  (who just wanted to win)

-Children laughed and worked as a team.

-When Children learned about a particular vitamin and its effect, they showed a sense of accomplishment.

-They loved the heroes’ cape! Some wanted to keep it with them and even take it to school. 

-Children wanted to have the game at home and at school. 

-Players were between 6 and 12 years old.

Student reviews:

“I think this is a great game and a great way to learn.” - Talena S., Age 11

“This game was really fun to play, this is just AMAZING.” - Kaitlyn H., age 11

“I loved Frugivoro. It was so cool and exciting.”  - Noah., age 10

“There is always that card that makes everyone crack up!”

“It is educational and Realllly fun

“This game is great! I could play it all day with my siblings. Great way to learn.”

“When will it be available? – Hanah R., age 12

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