Love Centered Parenting

Our modern culture has lowered the volume on our inner voice, and we as parents are often left disempowered and unclear about our parenting choices. What exactly has been muffling that inner voice and where do we go from here? Love Centered Parenting offers friendly guidance to help you find your own inner wisdom, so that you hear it loudly and clearly during your parenting journey. It is an intimate share about fertility challenges, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, sleep issues, diet, natural healing, and healthy choices, that encourages you to tune into your own intuition, while reaching out to community to support you. As you read through this book, you will be reminded to tap into your innate intelligence so that you are left feeling empowered with your conscious parenting choices.

“This is an essential guidebook for parents who challenge small-minded conventional thinking and mainstream assumptions about children’s health and well-being.”

- Dr. Michael Gaeta, DAc, MA, CDN

"Maria has achieved something very rare and precious, melding spirit-filled insights with sensible and doable suggestions for daily family life. That she is willing to share this with us is priceless gift."

- Kim John Payne, M.Ed., author of Simplicity Parenting